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E3 2017: Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Trailer Released featuring Miles Morales Cameo

From E3 2017, during Sony’s presentation/show, Insomniac Games has finally brought more details for their ‘Spider-Man’ game via a new Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Trailer… and he’s definitely not the only Spider-dude in it.

First thing on the agenda, the actual video featuring Spidey in action…

This new Spider-Man gets a redesigned costume with the same attitude, the same no-killing attitude, the same sass and all of the acrobatic skills and fighting abilities. For this trailer, we get to see a lot of classic characters plus some new ones who debut for the game for the first time like Capt. Yuriko Watanabe (acting as Spider-Man’s contact) and Martin Li aka Mr. Negative. Oh and we also have his goons.

Based on what we saw from the Spider-Man PS4 gameplay trailer from E3 2017, its safe to assume that Insomniac Games definitely has a winner here. It also brought up the quality for Marvel games as far as comic fans are concerned. And it’s also FAITHFUL to the comics thanks to that easter egg/ cameo they put in the game featuring this guy:

Miles Morales aka Ultimate Spider-Man

While the Spider-Man PS4 gameplay trailer was awesome and it did provide a timeframe, a “2018” release date just isn’t enough. We also need to know if players would really be able to play Miles Morales in the game or that cameo was just all for show.

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