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Funko Reveals SDCC Exclusive Marvel Pops including Tony Stark and Gwenpool

SDCC is just around the corner and Funko shares some of the SDCC exclusive Marvel Funko Pop including Bucky Cap and Tony Stark.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be getting an exclusive Funko Pop and its going to be Tony Stark in his street wear and clutching his Iron Man Mark XLVI helmet.

For the non movie variety we have a new addition to the Captain America pops coming in the form of Bucky Barnes as Captain America.

The Bucky-Cap figure looks ho-hum to be honest. I actually know of several Pop customizers who can do twice or thrice better than what Funko did. Also it’ll be at a fraction of what this  SDCC Exclusive Marvel Funko pop would cost. Would have been cooler if they did an unmasked version of the character.

There’s also a new Red She-Hulk pop figure. Minus the weapon that we last saw her carrying around.

And though we’re not really asking for it, we have another SDCC exclusive Gwenpool.

Correction that’s actually Selfie Gwenpool.

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