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Kenny Omega Debuts his Bullet Club x Tekken Shirt

Kenny Omega went to his Twitter account to share a first pass on a new shirt design featuring a crossover between Tekken 7 and Bullet Club, his New Japan stable.

Omega showing off his new Bullet Club x Tekken shirt

The shirt comes in standard black with the same Bullet Club logo with a few additional designs surrounding it. The most noticeable are Bryan Fury’s gattling guns; two actually. This makes up the “bones” portion of Omega’s shirt.

The biggest pull for me with regards to the shirt is the addition of a Bryan Fury design at the back.

Kenny Omega as Bryan Fury.

And don’t you dare think that Omega is a pushover when it comes to fighting games. The man is an awesome player and knows his stuff.

He even once or twice uses video game moves when he competes in the ring particular moves from Street Fighter’s Zangief.

And check out his other devastating moves when wrestling…

Too sweet I tell you; too sweet.

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