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The Concierge App Honestbee for Groceries Now in the Philippines!

Apps and smartphones are now integral in our lives because, lets face it, we need them for one thing or another. From our rides to our lunch to booking movies and more technology has made things easier for us. Enter the newest concierge app in the Philippines, Honestbee.

No you fools, Honestbee is not related to that orange patron saint of kids. It’s actually an app that allows you to do the following things with your smartphone:

Grocery Delivery

They actually have trained pros who does the shopping for you. Not new but something fresh here in the PH

If like me, you get home late in the evenings and hailing from another part of the city, its nearly impossible to do groceries. I get home and pretty much the stores are already closed. Ending – my wife has to re purpose canned goods or preservatives-laden instant meals. Honestbee lets ME and YOU have groceries delivered at our doorstep.

Their trained grocery concierge handpicks the freshest produce at in-store prices, while looking out for expiration dates and suggesting the most suitable substitutes. The service on the app is customer-centric, and there is room to leave specific instructions for the items to be purchased.  

Deliveries, which are marked for two hours, are from 10am – 8pm daily, subject to store operating hours, including weekends and public holidays. There is a P150 concierge or shopper fee. Free delivery is offered for a minimum spend of ₱1,500.  Otherwise, a delivery fee of ₱99 applies.

Unlike grocery store delivery services which transport items from only one shop or inventory, honestbee does not stockpile goods in a warehouse. Instead, it delivers the items listed on the app from their chosen partner merchants such as Robinsons Supermarket, Solo Meat Group, Fresh Options Meat Shop, G-stuff, Foodsource, AWC and Boozy PH. Customers can even shop from multiple stores in one order and still get their items delivered in two hours.

Two hours after ordering via app, the groceries are delivered to your doorstep

Laundry Pick-up

Its inconvenient too to go out to pick up your laundry when all you want to do is play video games and unwind with your family. Rather than go and do it yourself, have somebody working for the app do it for YOU. Quick disclaimer though, we have a washing machine so it’s not a thing for me… yet. But there’s a huge chunk of families and yuppies that rely today on laundry services.

Honestbee Food Delivery

Honestbee’s third and upcoming service is ordering food or food delivery. Again, this works extremely well for the individuals and families who would rather have prepped meals rather than cook their food. Hey, its a lifestyle choice. No judging.

The app and it’s creators are claiming that they are stilling locking down partners for this and I assume they’ll be getting the service up within three months.

Anyway more details about the app below.

The app is available for free download on the Apple or Google Play Store. To start using it, simply register and click on the confirmation email, tag location, pick out the items or services they need, and wait for the delivery within two hours.  The app can be used on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, over mobile or Wi-Fi connections. Desktop is also available for Groceries.

honestbee offers a unique integrated service, as it houses your favorite premium brands and ensures top-of-the-line services  to give city dwellers more time to ‘Bee’. The time saved from doing chores you more time to be a spouse, a parent, or a friend, as the easy-to-use app gives convenience at a click, with safe, reliable, and convenient grocery, delivery and laundry services through your smartphone. 

For more information about honestbee, visit honestbee.ph

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