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WATCH: Stephen Amell Shoots Past American Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course

Arrow star and all around good guy Stephen Amell sheds his Oliver Queen and Green Arrow persona for a special appearance in American Ninja Warrior. 

Not only that, he actually shoots past most of the initial obstacles. You can even play that montage scene of him training in one of the first few episodes of Arrow season 1 side by side with this footage.

And here’s that scene from Arrow season 1.

Sadly, the clip doesn’t show whether Amell made it to end or not. Its been a trend that some competitors for the show

Amell’s appearance on American Ninja Warrior is part of NBC’s Red Nose Day celebration. The Arrow and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle star was partnered up Kacy Cantanzaro.

Other celebs set to make an appearance in this special episode of American Ninja Warrior includes Erika Christensen, Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars, Natalie Morales, Ashton Eaton, Nikki Glaser, Nick Swisher and more.

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