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Magneto’s Plan for the O5 X-Men [X-Men: Blue # 2]

X-Men:Blue started great and with the sophomore issue we see that things aren’t really all that great for the team. More importantly in X-Men: Blue # 2 we find out that Magneto has a little surprise in store for the time-displaced mutants.

So before we head on to the meat of this story arc, SPOILER ALERT.

In this issue we get to see the formation of this team two months prior with Jean Grey meeting with Magneto.

In the present the X-Men sort out their issues in their base and then fly off to Barcelona on a mission. While the team deal with Sentinels who think they are mutants, Magneto whisks away to his mancave and ask about the status of his project.

Magneto and Ferris talk about their project

We, the readers, then find out that Magneto is actually building this…

Magneto’s version of Doom’s timeplatform

Yeah, thats right. Magneto just built a time platform for the X-Men and its based on the design of Doctor Doom’s own time platform.

Definitely something worth checking. Also enjoying the book still.

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