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Marvel Boy is a Bad Guy Again [Royals # 1]

One of the more interesting stuff that comes out of Marvel’s Royals is the reveal that former Young Avenger, Marvel Boy aka Noh Varr is a bad guy again.

There’s a lot of things going on in the first issue alone such as the reveal that in an alternate tineline only Black Bolt survives and is the last Inhuman.
We also get to see how things have changed after the events of IvX or Inhumans vs X-men. Like Iso now reigning as the queen of the Inhumans.

Its also Iso that first interacts with Marvel Boy and lets the Royal Family depart for deep space.

Only, they dont know that Marvel Boy together with an alternate reality version of the Kree Supreme Intelligence have plans for Black Bolt and his family.

The sad part though is that the guy couldnt really get a good footing in the 616. He’s been a Dark Avenger during the Bendis run, then became a ho-hum member of Bendis’ Avengers then even joined the Young Avengers until the book ended.

Jason Aaron could have used him in a number of ways but nope. So yeah, its kinda obvious that for the character to remain relevant, he needs to get this kind of creative treatment.

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