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More Hints of the JSA in The Button part 2 [The Flash # 21]

The real JSA or Justice Society of America is set to return soon and we’re seeing more and more of them in DC Comics such as in The Flash # 21.

First we have the opening scene from The Flash # 21 where we see an old man talking to the lightning and apologizing. And also saying that they messed up.

This is the old John L. Thunder, who has been a constant member of the JSA.

The dude had a powerful Thunderbolt for a partner that was his main schtick. He was lucky too according to his files.

Later on in the issue as The Flash and a recovering Batman discuss the attack on the Batcave, Barry Allen mentions the mercury helmet he found a few issues ago and how it has ties to both Flashpoint and The Button.

That’s obviously Jay Garrick’s helmet. We are talking about old school Jay Garrick here who looks like this:

Who also made an appearance in The Flash TV series played by Teddy Sears…

And later by John Wesley Shipp (the original TV Flash himself).

John Wesley Shipp as Earth 2 Jay Garrick

What we are currently discounting for this post is the current Earth 2 Jay Garrick which is also around in some far corner of the multiverse.

Jason Garrick of Earth 2 (New 52)

We still have a ways to go before the story arc concludes but its safe to say that DC Comics is definitely taking steps to ensure that when DC Rebirth concludes, we get the Justice Society of America we all know and love.

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  1. May 16, 2017

    […] Now that we’re getting more details about how “The Button” ends, it seems like its a story that not only touches on DC Rebirth but also re-introduces another speedster we all miss. Heck, they pretty much teased the return of Jay Garrick in The Flash # 21. […]

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