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Smartphone Review: OPPO F3 Plus

Oppo has launched their flagship phone for 2017 and it goes big this time around. We’re talking about the Oppo F3 Plus. Read our review and see why we’re definitely happy with this new smartphone.

Oppo F3 Plus Review – Build

The Oppo F3 Plus builds on the strengths of its predecessor. It’s light and has a good balance and there were some moments were I completely forgot that I had it in my pocket. 163.6 x 80.8 x 7.4 mm (6.44 x 3.18 x 0.29 in) and a weight of 185 g made wonders for this phone.

The design also looks great. It’s sleek and stylish and as usual, its a dead ringer for a certain product from a certain fruit-named company. Even shared several posts for the F3 on international FB groups and they had the same response. Still its something worthy to pick up.

Check out more of the photos for the F3 Plus below:

Right hand side of the phone has the “power” button plus the SIM card tray / expandable memory. Remember the OPPO F3 Plus uses a nano sim card.

Rear-camera is one of the more promising camera setups for the quarter. The bottom is where you plug the headphones jack and the charger. The bottom is also where you can find the speakers.

The left hand side houses the volumes for the smartphone…

As you can see, it’s thin, light and has one big-ass screen.

OPPO F3 Plus Display

The Oppo F3 Plus comes with a 6-inch fullHD IPS LCD display. Taking a page out of the iPhone’s cheatsheet, the F3 Plus was designed to have 1080p resolution. It does not diminish the performance and quality of output though. Plus it works great with the battery. I’d imagine a sucky battery life had they put in QuadHD displays on this bad boy.

User Interface

Have to hand it to the guys over at Oppo, they did make this such a fast phone thanks to the 1.95GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 processor and the complimentary 4GB RAM.

It actually works great for games of different genres. I personally love playing TinyCo’s Avengers Academy.

I love the framerates for some games, i love how I get great sound quality and graphics. The Oppo F3 Plus delivers great gaming experience for something so thin and compact.


The F3 Plus is Oppo’s first shot at a smartphone with dual front cameras. Did they hit the target or missed the mark. I’d say they pretty much hit the target. Selfie Expert is what they brand themselves and you still have that the moment you pop the phone out of the box. Front camera has a 16 megapixel main lens with an F2.0 aperture. To get that i-dont-know-why-brands-are-hyping-it “Bokeh Effect”, the secondary camera has 8MP with a 120-degree wide angle lens; the selling point for the F3 Plus.

Features for the front camera include Palm Shutter, Smart Facial Recognition (which is actually really smart because it picks out the right camera to use) and a selfie panorama.

On its own the Oppo F3 Plus camera works extremely well even in low light conditions, however, I’m just clueless as to why they had opted to remove the classic LED front-facing flash. Something that would have really made this smartphone a really, really great product.

Check out some of the photos I took using the rear camera as well.

Battery Life

We touched base on the subject of Battery Life already but I wanted to paint a clearer picture why this is such an amazing smartphone. For something so big and something so slim, we have to scratch our heads and wonder how they fit in a 4,000mAh battery. Then we also scratch a bit more (in a good way in way) how they integrated the OPPO-patented VOOC flash charge technology.

Pretty much since I got this phone I never worry too much that I’ll be caught with a smartphone that’s low on juice. At one point I left our home at 8am with a 100% charge, went to work, did meetings, updated the fanpage and even blogged a bit using the phone. I also had Spotify on at different times within the day and at different durations and still got home with 20% left.

And since this has VOOC flash charge technology in it. I’ll only worry about missing out for a maximum of 30 minutes. That’s as long as I have the stock wall charger and cable. Trust me, I tried using generic *cough cough* CD-R King *cough cough* cables with the charger and it totally pissed me off.

OPPO F3 Plus Recommendations

I highly recommend the OPPO F3 Plus if you need a good mid-range phone with a big screen. It’s good for those who have SELFIE etched in their souls as well as for mobile gaming nuts. If you also want a phone that can last you a day and charge really, really quick at the same time.

Hey, don’t just take my word for it, take it from Marvel Legends Deadpool…

Get the Oppo F3 Plus from your favorite Oppo stores for Php 23,990.

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