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New Preview Pages for Spider-Men II

Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli are teaming up once more to bring fans a second serving of Peter Parker and Miles Morales adventure via Spider-Men II. Check out the preview pages below.

The first Spider-Men mini ended with Peter Parker and Miles Morales closing Mysterio’s caper and putting him to justice. Peter then returns to the 616 and leaves the Ultimate Spider-Man with some inspiration to continue Ultimate Peter’s legacy as Spider-Man. Oh and Peter also checks out if there’s a Miles Morales in the 616 Universe.

peter parker looking for 616 Miles Morales

We never did find out what Peter saw. Until now. Somethings worth noting, Miles Morales has now been fully integrated into the current Marvel U after the events of Secret Wars, with his whole reality destroyed. He has his own series called “Spider-Man” and has even crossed over with other spider-themed characters like Spider-Gwen.

miles morales and peter parker in Spider-Men II

Spider-Men II arrives in July.

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