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Annie-centric Attack on Titan Funko Pops Wave 2

The second wave of Attack on Titan Funko Pop figures are coming soon and this wave definitely plays on fans of Annie.

For those who are unfamiliar to the anime and the manga, Annie Leonheart was one of the promising members of the Survey Corps, the military team thats supposed to ward of the Titans and save humanity from becoming dinner. 

Annie though has a secret. She’s a titan shifter; meaning she go from human to titan at will. Here’s the Funko Pop version of Titan Annie.

Also on this wave of Funko pop figures are fan-favorite Levi…

As well our other favorite asshole titan, the Armored Titan.

Who also happens to be Reiner. Both female titan Annie and Armored Titan will be available as the super sized Pop figures while Annie and Levi will be released as regular sized pops. 

Also set for release are two new Attack on Titan Funko pop keychains also featuring Annie Leonhart and Levi.

These Attack on Titan Funko Pop figures will be released Spring in the US

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