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Top 10 Questions from Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser Trailer

As promised we have a separate post to ask questions about the recently released Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser trailer. In this post, let me point out stuff from the trailer, ask the question and either figure it out or let you dear readers, figure it out.

1. Where Does the Movie Pickup?

The Force Awakens literally and figuratively ends with a cliffhanger as Rey finally meets up with the hermetic Luke Skywalker. No words are spoken between them as Rey empathically hands Luke his old lightsaber. Luke is perched on a cliff too, thus making it a real “cliffhanger”. So the question is, will the film take places seconds after? Will it be a day?

2. How much of Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia would be in ‘The Last Jedi’.

Carrie Fisher has passed away last year and we haven’t forgotten that. We know it has impacted the story on so many levels. But the bigger question I want to ask is how much screentime will she get? Have they edited out some scenes? If so, how much of that?

3. The Grey Jedi?

It seems that Rey would transition from the light side of the Force towards the Dark Side of the Force within ‘The Last Jedi’ but that doesn’t rule out the introduction of the Grey Jedi. You know, those Jedi who walk between the light and the dark side and are still actual badasses. Maybe Rey finds the footing she needs with that middle ground.

4. Where is this Planet and whats the context for this battle?

It looks like the First Order and the Resistance will be duking it out again, this time in a desert planet. Which could be a return to Jakku or someplace else entirely. We know that these new ships are fast and they could even be piloted by some familiar faces from ‘TFA’. Oh and don’t forget that they are dealing with what I assume are AT-ATs.

5. Will Poe Dameron get a new X-Wing?

Let’s give a moment of silence for Poe Dameron’s beautiful black X-Wing that gets blown up in the trailer. Now for some questions. Where did this attack happen? It looks like the duo are in a space station. Will Poe escape this plight now that he lost his X-Wing?

6. Millennium Falcon vs First Order

We’ll be once again treated to some aeriel dogfights featuring the Millennium Falcon. I want to ask, where is this taking place? Will this happen as Rey returns to the Resistance? Will this be as she escapes the planet that Luke Skywalker called home for a decade or so? How did the First Order track her down?

7. Will Kylo Ren wear his helmet or ditch it?

It was great to see Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren sporting that scar he got from the last movie. But I do want to know if that will be his new look or would we still see him wear that now-trademark helmet? Personally, I’d rather see him with the helmet. But they could go and do the Jennifer Lawrence-route and have an excuse for Driver to NOT wear the helmet.

8. Will they finally Show What Happened to Luke’s School?

One of the biggest mysteries from TFA that was dangled for fans was the incident at Luke’s Jedi school. We know that the Knights of Ren came a calling that night but we don’t know the hows and the whys. What exactly broke Luke Skywalker and made go from galactic hero to hermit? This moment needs to be big and has to come in one serving.

9. What Did He Mean The Jedi Need to End?

Did Luke Skywalker really intend to end the Jedi with him being the only one? What would happen to the saga if there are no more Jedi. Its ominous too and a tad morbid but will this movie kill off Luke like it did with Han Solo for the first one? Remember this is the second movie in a trilogy and we know full well what happens to Luke in the last second-movie-in-a-trilogy.

10. Runaway Rey

Is Rey running away from a fight? Is she running towards a fight? Who is she running away from? I want to think that she’s rushing toward somebody. Perhaps she’s trying to rescue Luke from an attack? Or she’s trying to intervene a fight?

So many questions and the answers are a few.

Cannot wait for Star Wars: The Last Jedi to open in December. This could be the Empire Strikes Back for a new generation of audience.

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