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LOOK: Chizu Cupcakes Perfect for the Mornings

Something that got sent my way this morning, Chizu cheese cupcakes!

I met the owner last week and she was kind enough to send over to the Gobear office here in Makati. And thus we partake.

Jacy, the owner of Chizu loves baking and it’s this same passion that made her try her hand in making it into a full-blown business.

I can tell you these cheese cupcakes not only look good, they REALLY REALLY taste good too. You know how those packaged “cheesecakes” have this synthetic or artificially induced vibe to it? Well this batch of Chizu cheese cupcakes I got had nothing of the sort.

They’ve got this just-right moistness to it and the first bite alone is delightful. (am I sounding like Broken Matt Hardy already?)

Another shot of this honest-to-goodness delicious cheese cupcake.

Hell its so good SH Figuarts The Rock wants more…

And you know what? The tag line they used is definitely true. Delight your senses with our delectable, home made, cheese-filled goodies baked with love by happy hearts! CHEESE is it! 🙂

Here’s the breakdown for ordering these gastronomic goodies:

200 for box of 6 / 375 for box of 12 / 3 for 100/ 35 per piece there’s also a minimum order of worth Php500.

Do give the Chizu Facebook page a visit and a like.

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