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Tom Rodriguez and Joseph Marco Offers Flirting Tips with San Mig Light TVC

#MahabaHabangInuman has been the tag line that San Mig Light has been using for years and with the new TVC they recently launched its clear that that they plan on upping their game. To hammer the point that #mahabahabanginuman works hand in hand with flirting in bars, the brand brought in their new image endorsers Tom Rodriguez and Joseph Marco.

And while I personally don’t go out drinking anymore (it’s a daddy thing these days; I hold a different bottle now) I’m sure there are still readers who do and have to admit, these tips, these body movements they showed in the commercial have actual psychological and scientific basis.

That’s right. These two hunka-hunkas pretty much science-d their flirting methonds plus a bottle or two of San Mig Light. Watch the actual commercial below:

According to several collated studies, there’s a deeper, almost primal meaning when women bite their lips. One website knocked these details down in simpler fashion.

Biting the lips can be seen as somewhat stronger form of licking them. It’s much more obvious and it’s one of the trademarks of insecure, shy type of people.


Biting the lips can be a flirtatious and sexy, since the bite emphasizes the fullness of the lips. For women it’s sort of a childish display, again, a tactic often used on men to evoke in them protective emotions.

Meanwhile there’s also the topic of women playing with their hair. It’s funny to note (and yes I am going anecdotal on this) that men tend to immediately think that a woman looking at them while twirling their hair would automatically mean that she’s flirting. But the thing is, it could be that the lady is really just taking care of her looks or that she’s vain. So yeah, sorry Tom and Joseph, based on personal experience, the whole hair twirling has a 70% chance of working.


Also congratulations are in order because apparently the new #mahabahabanginuman TVC with Marco and Rodriguez has garnered a total of 1.7 million views on Facebook alone, a testament to how well San Miguel handles their promotions.

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