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Where Did The Avengers Get The Avengers Assemble Chant?

So today, we’re looking at an important thing for Avengers history, and something that we easily overlook until such time as the movies roll out and we don’t hear them say it. That’s right, we’re talking about the origins of the Avengers.

Until recently, we know that it had been part of the team’s history the moment Captain America joined the team back in Avengers # 4.

Interestingly in Avengers # 5 (2017) which was written by Mark Waid and art by Mike Del Mundo.

So in this issue Mark Waid crafts an actually interesting story about the Avengers and their ongoing war with Kang the Conqueror. They tried a different approach for the first issue of this volume but that ended in disaster so they went back to the present and then tried a different approach.

Sam Wilson decides to try a different way of dealing with Kang once and for all; and they now have some added help from another Vision from the future who was working together with the present version of Vision.

The new goal for this version of the Avengers is to attack Kang at different points in time and thereby weaken him at the end of time. Of course this new team of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes won’t be sufficient for taking down Kang. So they had to go on a recruitment drive across the timeline. Their first start though is Parker Industries which was formerly the Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building.

I like how Sam Wilson aka Captain America thinks things through; they go for Avengers squads who will actually want to be part of this strike. They go to the original founding members, who they know are antsy to get into action. Then we also have another set from the more recent times which includes a few Illuminati members namely Black Panther and Namor.

And they had to to do it; they had to say it…

That there is definitely a time paradox; Sam having the original Avengers witness the chanting/ shouting of Avengers Assemble; thereby kickstarting it down the line.

It’s just like how Fry from Futurama became his own grandfather…

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