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Brick Burger Review – The LEGO Inspired Burger Joint Proves the Hype

We had a lot of fun doing this Brick Burger review for a number of reasons. (a) this was such a cool concept for a restaurant (b) the quality of the products ranges from good to great to awesome (we’ll get to that later) and (c) because who doesn’t want to play with LEGO?

This geek-lovin’ joint is owned by Mr. Jergens Correa and opened its doors in 2016. It’s located in Hampton Gardens in Pasig City. It”s managed to attract both locals and international LEGO aficionados. According to Jergs, they even had one customer from the states who used Brick Burger to get her kids to fly back to Manila with her. She promised that she would bring them to Brick Burger and that was pretty much a done deal for them.

So to set expectations for this review, we’ll be talking about the quality of the food, the place and all that. As much as I would want to describe EVERY small detail about the dishes, that would be too much. Maybe a future visit could do just that. But I’ll still talk about the food they serve in this Brick Burger review.


Brick Burger’s location is great. The area is big enough for big families looking for an enjoyable meal and they do have tables for two. Great place to go on a date and you just happen to love LEGO bricks. The seats were comfy and they actually fit the aesthetics and theme of the place.

My wife and I had a blast at the LEGO themed BRICK BURGER

Another angle from where we sat


I loved the servings they have. Really good portions for chicken and the burgers had just the right size to it.

Darth Burger from Brick Burger

Darth Burger from Brick Burger

Here’s the rundown of what we had for dinner at Brick Burger.

These dishes include the spaghetti with meatballs, mexican hotdog, the house specialty Correa’s Wings, Darth Burger, the Brick Burger ice cream, Salisbury Steak, mozzarella sticks and the Onion Rings.

For this Brick Burger review, let’s do a quick rundown of each of their dishes and then we’ll give our reaction to each of them.

Darth Burger

Darth Burger had caramelized onions, bacon and mushrooms in it. Plus a hearty¬†beef patty in the heart of it all. And as opposed to the Dark lord of the Sith, this burger has a good and filling side. You don’t have to kill younglings or get beaten to the high ground to be able to enjoy this burger. Top it all off with that black-ish burger patty shaped like a LEGO brick.

Definite it was love at first bite for this burger. I am definitely going back to get my fix for this as well as other burgers they offer here in this establishment. But don’t stop there. They’ve got other burgers you can choose from.

Salisbury Burger Steak

For rice lovers, Brick Burger offers the Salisbury Steak for less than Php 200. It’s a big serving with generous portions of rice and beef and the sauce is just a perfect amount of saltiness and sweetness.

Mozarella Sticks/ Cheese Sticks

We fell in love with this. It was love at first bite. Good length for these sticks, not bitin. You can definitely enjoy it with or without the sauce/ dip. Must get when you visit Brick Burger.

They have big servings for Onion Rings here in Brick Burger and for 90php/5 pieces, this is definitely something you can get if you want to enjoy the place but you’re on a really, really tight budget.

Meatball Spaghetti

Brick Burger’s Meatball Spaghetti is one of the better spaghetti’s I’ve had in the past six months. The noodles were cooked well and the meatballs had so much flavor in it. I was telling my wife that they really should have called in Meatbrick Spaghetti and then shape the said meatballs in LEGO brick shape.

Correa’s Wings

The best-seller when it comes to chicken in Brick Burgers happens to be a family special as well. We tried the Correa’s Wings and we instantly became fans. It’s got a consistent taste and crunch for all the wings that you order. A bit greasier than other fried chicken wings you usually get in the malls but that’s a good thing right. It’s flavorful in and on itself. The crispiness also works its magic with every bite.

Mexican Hotdog

Before having dinner at BB, I never thought tortilla chips/ nacho chips could work well on a hotdog sandwich. Then I got a taste of BB’s Mexican -inspired hotdog and now I’m a believer. Another must-try when you drop by.

Ice Cream

This is the only ice cream with edible LEGO bricks. And it’s a pretty good dessert too. A bit pricey tbh but its oh-so-worth-it.


The Ambiance is another important thing we need to tackle in this Brick Burger review. So in a nutshell, its one big LEGO restaurant. According to owner Mr. Correa, the idea was that it was meant to make diners feel like they stepped inside a LEGO set with them as the minifigures.

You are a toy!

The seats follow the LEGO theme with the exception of those pegs on top of the bricks because that would be hella uncomfortable. Seats are comfortable, airconditioning is great and its very spacious.

The walls are also adorned with LEGO bricks AND the owner’s personal collection of minifigures.


Be sure to get the table with a LEGO set on it. That definitely makes the experience more lasting and memorable.

Since we are dealing with a LEGO inspired restaurant, it will never be complete without actual LEGOs displayed. Check out some of the stuff you’ll be able to see in Brick Burger including this HUGE diorama featuring various brands and establishments all turned into LEGOs.

More photos in the gallery below:

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This has gotten the geek in me. Reawakened my need for LEGO stuff. Brick Burger isn’t just promising, it’s delivered on its promise two-fold and is definitely poised to make it big. I wouldn’t be surprised if they open another Brick Burger branch away from Pasig in the near future.

That’s it for our Brick Burger review. We’re not done with them yet as we definitely have to feature what you can expect to see in an upcoming post.

Brick Burger is located at Hampton Gardens, C. Raymundo Pasig City

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