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RBreezy Page Taken Down After Rape Joke Gone Viral

A few hours ago the RBreezy Facebook page was taken down apparently after a rape joke/ meme was published and went viral.

We sourced a screenshot from a friend Facebook page, BEAST JESUS and had shared it online last night. Obviously our followers weren’t too pleased as well.

Allow us to expound. So according to the meme they shared it wont be rape if you enjoy it. That’s pretty much it. It’s justifying that getting raped won’t be called as such if you start enjoying the act. Never mind that an individual is forcing himself/herself onto you and is getting sexually pleased without your consent.

It’s just damn wrong. IMHO, it was a good idea to get that page down and removed. But if you think that’s the end of it, you are mistaken. Because after the take down, the administrators of the brand had already started a new page and last I checked, they were already at 2,000+ likes. There’s also a power vaccuum left behind by the take down and others have jumped on the use of RBreezy.

There’s also an online petition to the NTC calling for the takedown of the brand although that’s a little too late. Still I personally signed that petition. You can do so by clicking HERE

Still it looks like this isn’t over as there are some followers of the page who are working to get the old page back up and have been answering negative comments thrown Rbreezy’s way. They also have a hashtag.

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