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Two New Power Rangers Posters Now Out

Check out the two new Power Rangers posters released by Lionsgate!

We get the official Twitter account on the poster plus the new website. It’s chockful of new stuff to definitely hype the release of the new Power Rangers movie.

I gotta say I love how their marketing the new look for the Power Rangers here. The poses, the themes, the text and even the copy (oh wait except for that one which kinda harkens to the tragic fate of the original yellow ranger).

Then we get a second poster also released featured a sideview of the rangers with their zords in the background. Take a look below:

This one eliminates the official website and the hashtag and brings back the tag line “It’s Morphin Time”. We don’t see that god-awful Megazord but we do see the Zords springing into action.

So my verdict is that I’ll watch this with an open mind except for the Megazord and Goldar. Plus its interesting that they have an old Yellow Ranger and that Rita Repulsa takes over the body of Becky G’s mom in the movie.

Power Rangers stars Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Ludi Lin, Becky G, Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks. Its directed by Dean Israelite and will open March 22 from Pioneer Films.

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