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What Could Have Been – Candyman Tony Todd Voiced Dormammu for Doctor Strange

Oh what could have been. Reports are coming in that revered sci-fi and horror cult icon Tony Todd had lent his voice at some point to the version of Dormammu we’ve seen in Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

In an interview with Screenrant, Todd revealed that he’s worked on the last Marvel Studios film for a few hours. He lent his voice as the dread Dormammu before it got scrapped and replaced with the voice acting of a certain actor named Benedict Cumberbatch.

Here’s what he had to say via Screenrant:

I have to tell you about one recent disappointment. I almost did Doctor Strange. I went in to do a session to play Dormammu. Benedict [Cumberbatch] had already recorded it but the producers wanted another voice just as an alternative. We did a six-hour session and then two weeks before the movie came out they let me know that they went back to the original choice. I say this just to point out to everybody that you’ve got to roll and sway with all these punches and waves that come at you. Did I cry? No. I understood. I was disappointed at the value that I lost — people going, ‘Dude, are you Dormammu?’ [Laughs] But there’ll be another Dormammu.

That does kinda seem sad because not only is a Todd good at this genre, he’s practically one of the jedi masters for it. Now we’re sure that he got paid for his hardwork but that genuinely sucks. Imagine Candyman voicing Stephen Strange and then realizing he got screwed thanks to the Time Gem.

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