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Marvel’s Totally Awesome Hulk # 15 Set to Team Amadeus Cho with other Asian Marvel Heroes

You know for the longest time Marvel’s been playing the PC and the diversity card, they’ve never thought of gathering all the Asian-American superheroes and have fun with the team-up. Good thing they have writer Greg Pak doing the scripts for Totally Awesome Hulk # 15 which will gather the Asian heroes in a story arc entitled “Big Apple Showdown”.

Pak revealed on his Twitter account that the source of this crossover was his own experience while hanging out with Asian-American friends doing all sorts of things. Pak says:

I thought, hey, Asian-American superheroes would probably hang out like that every once in a while. What would they talk about? And how would that carry over into a big superhero adventure?

Check out the cover for Totally Awesome Hulk # 15 with art by artist Stonehouse.

God damn, Silk looks like a member of Girl’s Generation. I kid you not. Or at least one of the many K-Pop girl groups making it big in South Korea at the moment. The other characters in the cover by Stonehouse are titular character Hulk (Amadeus Cho), Shang-Chi and Kamala Khan.

Pak has confirmed that the quartet won’t be the only Asian characters that would make an appearance in Totally Awesome Hulk # 15 and the succeeding issues. Agent of SHIELD and Agent of Atlas founder Jimmy Woo is also set to make an appearance in issue # 17. Of course, there’s already a cover done by Stonehouse again.

Totally Awesome Hulk # 17

Totally Awesome Hulk #15 hits stores on January 25.


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