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Here’s the Supposed Samsung Galaxy S8 (Leaked and very Unconfirmed)

It’s still a few months away but it looks like the rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S8 are on overdrive. Apparently we’ve got a leaked photo from Weibo  of all places.

According to reports and other tech blogs, Samsung had been reinforcing the notion of secrecy with their employees but you know how things are with tech news and blogging, there’s big money to be had for these types of insider information. Mind you they have been saying online that these are photoshopped / rendered and at this point in time, its a big “duh”.

These leaked “renders” (if they were actually 100% true) confirms the rumors that the Galaxy S8 would be doing following the curved display and would use up a big portion of the phone’s front side.

The Home button as well as the capacitive buttons flanking the Home button are visibly absent in the front-side for this leaked image and its because it’ll ruin the screen to bezel ratio as well as the overall aesthetic.

We really need to know if this is the actual look for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 but info is still scarce. Good thing we don’t have to wait for long as the clock starts ticking for the release.


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