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Civil War II # 8 Spoilers – What a Meh Ending

So here we are finally moving past this horrible event called Civil War II and today we’re doing Civil War II # 8 spoilers by Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez.

So the last issue ended with the final fight between Captain Marvel and Iron Man on the steps of the Capitol Hill. In this issue, they expound on this fight further.

Maria Hill belays the Ultimates and Alpha Flight from joining the fight and protecting Captain Marvel. Hill contacts the Inhumans who tells them that they have to stop the fight or else that kooky future with Old Man Logan we saw last issue will take place.

Unfortunately for them (and due to bad writing it was pretty convenient that) Ulysses goes on a trance once more. What he’s seeing and how he got that point we have no idea.

During the fight, Tony manages to injure Captain America (Steve Rogers) which distracts him a bit from the fight with Captain Marvel.

Meanwhile, the Inhumans gear up because apparently they want to show what Ulyssess is seeing to the people of SHIELD, Alpha Flight and the Ultimates.

So later on in Civil War II # 8, Maria Hill realizes that this needs to stop and she has the superpowered teams stop the fight before whatever mumbo-jumbo Ulysses saw in his visions come true.

You gotta love the fact that its Karnak who actually finds a way to break the force field Stark set around Miles Morales aka Ultimate Spider-Man (or just Spider-Man).

Also the former members of Stark’s Avengers also join the fray as they try to get Tony Stark away from the fight.

Don’t get me wrong I love the artwork (it’s actually the only saving grace in this whole story line, kudos Mr. Marquez) but the way they scripted the book and how they did the exposition is just ugh.

It’s like so what exactly happened??? How did the explosion scatter all the heroes gathered around Tony Stark and Carol Danvers?

And then just like that, we conveniently find out that Ulysses has surpassed being a mortal. His powers actually are on the same level as cosmic entities in the Marvel Universe like Eternity. This is after they show the next few Marvel events down the road including Inhumans vs X-Men aka IvX, Monsters Unleashed and that mysterious War of the Worlds story Marvel’s been teasing for such a long time already.

The whole fight between Danvers and Stark ends on the steps of Washinton DC with Miles Morales clutching the lifeless body of Tony Stark.

… and yet they were still talking about Ulysses the Inhuman in the dialogues which is kinda off-putting.

After the fight, Beast and Carol talk about the fate of Iron Man. Apparently he’s not dead but merely in stasis or at the very least comatose.

Next thing we know Danvers is having a private meeting with Obama and she gets offered a “golden ticket” to get anything she needs in order to make her job better and/or efficient.

Yeah. WTF did I just read. Oh and also as weird as it sounds Hawkeye makes an appearance in this issue and asks Carol to trust him in the things he does moving forward. To know more about Clint and his adventures, you need to check out Occupy Avengers # 1.

Enjoyed this Civil War II # 8 spoilers post? Then we suggest you go and check out the actual issue in your LCS.

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