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Samsung A-Series Teases Waterproof Versions

According to reports Samsung is well underway in revealing their new line of Samsung A-series phones that will be getting the waterproof treatment.

Credits: NDTV

It was a pretty copy too. Teasing how everything begins with “A”. So yeah you really could that this could be anything for Samsung but there’s a really strong suggestion that this would be the waterproofed version of the Samsung Galaxy A-series including the Samsung A5, Samsung A7 and Samsung A9.

Here’s the original post filled with interesting comments about the product and the tease as well as other speculations.

So what could this tease really be about? Should we ditch plans of buying a different smartphone and wait for the timely release of the rumored waterproof A-series phones before summer goes full swing?
And if this isn’t really an A-series waterproofing tease what could this be really about?
Our answer: Don’t hold your breathe just yet.

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