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5 Star Wars Stories and Plots That Deserve a Movie

So Rogue One has made it big over the weekend and its delighted fans, made a Death Star level opening ticket sale abroad and locally and is poised to push the franchise further. So what now? Episode VIII will be released December 2017 with director Rian Johnson continuing the new saga of Rey, Finn, Kylo and Poe Dameron amidst the war between the First Order and the Resistance.

Then what?

We also have another solo project, the untitled Han Solo solo movie starring Alden Ehrenreich as Han and Donald Glover as the young Lando Calrissian.

Then what?

Episode X, then its a big blank.

This is where we would like to operate. With our 5 stories and plots from the current Star Wars canon that can be turned into a movie.

  1. Obi-Wan Kenobi

There’s just too much things we don’t know about Ben Kenobi after his self-exile in Tatooine. Before the acquisition of Disney, the Dark Horse canon had a story where Darth Maul tracked down the activities of Kenobi who he swore revenge on. The two finally come face to face in Uncle Lars’ homestead where Maul attempted to kidnap young Luke Skywalker. Sadly, Clone Wars and Rebels had already revamped much of that amusing story. There’s still a ton of good stories to tell with Obi-Wan trust me, if you watched the prequels because of him, you know he’s a bankable character.

Oh and Ewan McGregor is actually ready and waiting to return for more Star Wars project so give the man his due!

2. Bothans

I get triggered a bit when they say there’s no sequel to Rogue One. OK not really, maybe a tiny bit. The “sequel” is “A New Hope” obviously and if you really want a Rogue Two, then you can follow the furry story of the Bothans who stole the plans for the second Death Star in “Return of the Jedi”. Although, I dunno, would these critters be bankable?

3. Jedi- Sith Historical Flick

Yeah, Disney acquiring Lucasfilm might have pretty much obliterated any history that Dark Horse and talented writers have established in the twenty or so years that the books and comic books were operating. But the silver lining here is that Disney recognizes all the good stuff that have come out of the film such as Admiral Thrawn being added into the Star Wars Rebels’ third season or the fact that Rogue One had the Ghost as an easter egg in that scene where the rebels emerge from hyperspace to attack the garrison on Scarif.

But you know what, that leaves a HUGE vaccuum of what history from before Episode 1. That gives fans and filmmakers alike a BIG playground for movies and stories. They could pretty much retell all the good stuff like Darth Plagueis or the Sith Empire or the origins of the Jedi and the Sith. New heroes, new characters, cooler weapons and fight scenes.

4. A Star Wars Love Story

The love story element in Star Wars is present. But it’s never full on put front and center. A movie with ‘Romeo and Juliet’ elements might be a good thing if you think about it. Given the right director and the right screenplay, this might actually be good. Not casting Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman may help as well.

But think about it, a jedi falling in love with a Sith is something that we haven’t seen before or a Sith converting to the Jedi order because of love is something that may pique a particular market.

Fine destroy us if you want or leave a comment of what might work as a Star Wars love story.

5. Darth Vader Solo

Rogue One teased us with something we didn’t know we want (or something we all wanted but never really spoke out about). We all want a Darth Vader solo movie playing on what the dark lord of the Sith does best. Kill people.

Then again, it wouldn’t hurt seeing him shed the last of his link to his former life as Anakin Skywalker, an affirmation movie perhaps could be done. Him hunting down Jedis who might have survived Order 66 can also work although that is already a plot that’s being explored in Star Wars Rebels.  There’s really a gazillion plot lines that can be tackled between Episodes IV and Episodes VI or even in between Episodes III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope.

So what do you guys think of our list? Love it? Hate it? Leave a comment at the bottom of the post!  Oh and please like our page http://www.facebook.com/thefanboyseo

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