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Liza Soberano Looks Regal in her Walk of Fame Philippines Star Ceremony #WalkOfFamePHStarLiza

Look, we’re manly and all but mention the term Liza Soberano and we tear up like a bunch of fanboys. She’s so pretty and we go gaga with glee over her like fangirls in a sea of other fangirls. So whenever there’s news bit about her (outside of her pairing with *ugh* Enrique Gil *ugh*) we’re definitely on it.


You can check more of her photos in the gallery below. And if you’re in the area, sorry bro, looks like they already left Eastwood City. Had we known that she would be there, we’d have scrambled for our gear and covered that event. (Now we’re just back to playing Final Fantasy XV and Gundam).



Ok, we were joking the first time; the gallery’s really below:


And for social media freaks out there who also happen to be fans of this pretty young lass, the hashtag to use is 

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