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BOOM Studios Created a Brand New White Ranger for Current Power Rangers Book (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 9 Spoilers)

BOOM Studios has been making waves today with the reveal of a new White Ranger in the current volume of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 9 by Kyle Higgins and Hendry Prasetya.


So what happens in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 9 is that Tommy Oliver (the Green Ranger) and Billy Cranston (the Blue Ranger) has been sent to an alternate world where things are a bit desolate.


During their exploration of the aforementioned world they encounter a lot of eerie stuff such as these statues erected in honor of Rita Repulsa and the Green Ranger…


It’s also revealed in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers # 9 that the master of this alternate world is none other than a White Ranger who looks nothing like the White Ranger Tommy ends up becoming (Kibaranger if you’re keeping tabs of the Super Sentai equivalent)…


And in case you’re wondering the buzz is all about, this is the very first time in comic book continuity that a new Power Ranger has appeared or has been created as “canon”. We know that eventually in the current volume, if they manage to reach that part, Tommy will lose his green ranger power and Zordon will be creating a new power coin to turn Tommy into a White Ranger.What we didn’t know is that there’s already a white ranger in existence and he’s a bad guy too.


Sadly for fans of the book and the new fans it got after the reveal, the story will skip for an issue with MMPR # 10 being a stand-alone Christmas story. The story arc will pick up in issue # 11 and will also be an important issue because it reveals the identity of the new White Ranger (who we think is an alternate Tommy Oliver).

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