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Sony is Releasing a Final Fantasy XV Walkman and Final Fantasy XV Headphone

Today we’re on a massive Final Fantasy XV feeding frenzy and posting frenzy so we will post anything and everything related to the decade-long in production game from Square Enix. For this post we look at the limited edition Final Fantasy XV walkman from Sony and a whole lot more of music-related products.


Sony will be releasing the limited edition Final Fantasy XV Walkman A-Series in Japan with a price tag of 33,800 or around $300 for the 16GB version. There’s not much difference with the technical aspect but being able to listen to music on your Sony Walkman with a theme featuring the boy band from Final Fantasy XV will definitely mean something. Heck, it might amplify the experience of listening to your Backstreet Boys and N’Sync playlist.

So while nothing new has been added in terms of hardware expect some bells and whistles to be added on the software side. The Final Fantasy XV walkman from Sony will feature “special icons” that are only available for this unit.


Other Sony products that’ll be released in Japan with the Final Fantasy XV seal of approval are these awesome hear.on MDR-100A headphones (24,380 yen)…


… and these hear.go SRS-HG1 Bluetooth speakers (29,380 yen).


Again, its out tomorrow in Japan so you better make your way to the land of the rising sun or have a friend look into these products for you.

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