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Mike Colter and Rosario Dawson Kiss in Character on Defenders Set

Spotted on set of Netflix’s The Defenders were Rosario Dawson (Night Nurse) and Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and they’re smooching.

So if you havent seen Marvel’s Luke Cage the ending had a bit of sadness in it with Luke Cage beating up his brother Diamondback and avenging the death of Pops and all the other denizens of Harlem. Black Mariah and Shades become the new power couple and Cage was about to have coffee with Night Nurse before he gets arrested.

There was a kiss and all that but they never had coffee. 

But by the time Defenders gets to be aired it looks like that tall mug of coffee will be a done deal. 

Below are three photos from the scene that confirms the romance continues. 

Defenders bts luke cage night nurse

Defenders is coming 2017 from Marvel and Netflix.

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  1. Number#1 Fan de Rosario Dawson says:

    Yo también pienso igual

  1. November 23, 2016

    […] them; these characters are Pops, Shades, Diamondback and Night Nurse who we’ve recently seen smooching Luke Cage in a scene being produced for Marvel’s The […]

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