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The Fall of the Ultimates – Ultimates # 12 Spoilers

The Ultimates as we know them are no more. Thanks to Carol Danvers and her costly mistake during the very-meh “Civil War 2” event, her superteam (who I consider the legit Avengers/ Justice League of the Marvel Universe post Secret Wars) have been disbanded and now team leader Carol needs to pick up the pieces and sort out stuff. Ultimates # 12 spoilers folks.


Sorry to say this but the issue sucked hard thanks to art. No offense meant but for this sort of book, Marvel really needs to bring out their big guns. Now it really feels like the volume ended with a whimper instead of a bang.

In Ultimates # 12 we touch on several plot points.

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel

Carol knows that she screwed up and it cost her her team. The US government has pulled the plug on the project with the primary reason is that they do not wish to lose Wakanda as an ally. Wakanda’s king Black Panther has stated that if Danvers even lays a finder on him, he will consider it as a threat and an act of war. Now she’s just in the White House waiting for the news.


Thank goodness they haven’t pulled the plug on Alpha Flight. That might make Marvel U Justin Trudeau sad.

Danvers also encounters T’Challa inside the White House; no pleasantries were given.



Captain Marvel also checks up on her other two powerhouse teammates, Photon (Monica Rambeau) and Blue Marvel.


They’re holding hands, are they like dating?

Last on her list of teammates to check up on is Miss America Chavez who we see in this issue is hanging out with her bestfriend Kate Bishop aka Hawkeye and her new girlfriend. Danvers approaches and wants to talk so MAC brings herself and Cap to an alternate universe where the latter’s ideas were radically moved past “sane”. It’s a world where Ullysses clones were made and civilians were killed if the clone soldiers detect anomalous activities in the future. Something like ‘Minority Report’ only with Doctor Doom and lots of cloning.


After beating up tons of Doombots and making an opening for the resistance movement of this alternate dimension, MAC and Carol sort out their differences and what’s happened to them during Civil War II. They part ways in good terms.



So with the Ultimates dismantled and over, the US government picks up the pace and establishes a new team that would deal with what the Ultimates were dealing, threats on a universal scale. The new head of the team reveals that they have big shoes to fill before the page reveals that they are talking to none other than the obscure Marvel comics team called the Troubleshooters.




The Ultimates # 12 starts and ends with the plot involving Galactus and Connor Sims aka Anti-Man. Both have benefited from the existence of the Ultimates and both seem to have a shared connection to the disbanded superteam.


Anti-Man on the other hand has resolved to never return to Earth 616 ever again because he has killed people thanks to his powers. He wanders the different realms hoping to die in peace. That’s until he encounters Galactus.


By the end of Ultimates # 12, we see that Galactus has been monitoring the events on Earth and he does not approve of the Troubleshooters taking over the Ultimates. He persuades Anti-Man to get back in the game and empowers him with the power of Life.


Now we have the first Herald of a completely retooled Galactus.


I need to binge read this book, also people need to pick this up because Al Ewing did such a tremendous job writing this title. Also I cannot wait for Ultimates 2 to be released. Hurry the hell up already Marvel.

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