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Here’s the Complete Lineup of Funko Pop Stranger Things Figures

A few weeks ago when they released the initial lineup for the Funko Pop Stranger Things figures people went berserk over it and now it looks like even more people will go gaga with this complete lineup of figures featuring at least three different variations of Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown)


As mentioned in the above paragraph, there are currently three different Eleven figures coming out of this Funko Pop Stranger Things wave. We’ve got the regular Eleven with eggos in tow. We have the Eleven with a wig figure which will be an exclusive figure…


And we’ve got another Eleven, the one we see during the last few episodes of Stranger Things, wearing that containment suit. Yeah, the same one that she used when she first made contact with the “Demogorgon”


Of course this will not be a Stranger Things set without the A.V. Club boys led by Mike…






Wave 1 of Stranger Thing’s Funko Pop! adaptation will feature two versions of Will Bryer. One is the regular one, perfect to set beside his AV Club friends…


… and another one thats based on Will’s appearance in the Upside Down.


Two versions of the Demogorgon will also be made available when this Funko Pop set gets released. One is the closed face version of the dreaded Upside Down monster which is good thing a chase figure …



… and the regular “open-face” Demogorgon.


Second to the last for the wave is everybody’s favorite Barb (the non dead version thank goodness)13321_st_barb_pop_glamRounding off the Funko Pop Stranger Things wave is Winona Ryder’s Joyce Bryer, complete with Christmas lights too.



obviously we have to plug Big Boys Toy Store, this is where you can get your Stranger Things Funko pop fix!


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