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Is Vainglory Worth Getting?

Today we’re sharing our first foray into the game Vainglory from game developer Super Evil Megacorp

vainglory thefanboyseo

Quick Shots:

  • Character design is great. I liked that while there are three classes of heroes to use, they are flexible in terms of use.
  • User interface is a breeze. From buying items to  opening chests, everything is convenient.
  • Muchos gracias for Vainglory because i can finally play MOBA without the toxicity of other players. As you notice, not a big fan of MOBA because of all the peenoise and toxic players who hate noobs.
  • But that could all change when I start to really play with other players on the SEA servers. Hope the community is better.
  • I liked how they present concepts in a modular form, with rewards at the end of each video tutorial. You may opt not to watch the video, but come on; you get something from watching an informative video for Vainglory and at the end there’s a treasure chest waiting to be opened.
  • I enjoyed the concept of working for multi-level character skins. Sure the other popular titles have the same one but with vainglory, they stripped it down to a simple concept. Play the game with a character and wait for an ingredient / crafting material drop.

Anyway, we’ll do a more comprehensive review for the game. For now, we’ll just stream and post videos for the game.

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