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Bossing Vic Sotto Launches as the New Chooks-to-Go Endorser

Veteran actor and TV host “Bossing” Vic Sotto has been the brand ambassador for a lot of different products throughout his illustrious career but he never endorsed a chicken company until his recent partnership with Chooks-to-Go.


Vic has consistently lived-up to his monicker “Bossing” due to the actor being an authority on and offscreen. Vic has also earned the Filipino people’s trust when it comes to endorsing everyday products. But then again, a partnership with Chooks-to-Go and with Bounty Agro Ventures Inc (BAVI), one of the country’s biggest poultry suppliers, is something new.


With its “Hindi ka Nag-Uuwi ng Ulam na Basta-basta lang” campaign, Chooks-to-Go together with new brand ambassador Bossing brings ready-to-eat, oven roasted quality chicken to Filipino households. This also caters to the moms who target bringing home good yet healthy dishes for their families regardless if its for dinner or lunch.

“When you bring home food to replace home cook meals, it has to be something really special for the family. Importante yun, kasi the family always expects na hindi basta basta lang ang uwi mong ulam,” said Vic. “Kung ang hilig ng pamilya ay manok, Chooks-to-Go is the number one choice. Itoay juicy hindi tuyo, masarap mula balat hanggang laman at higit sa lahat, masarap kahit walang sauce. Yan ang ulam na hindi basta-basta.”


Vic also admires hardworking moms and recognizes their efforts which he thinks isn’t “basta-basta”. He says “Saludo ako sa lahat ng mga hardworking na mga misis. That’s why for the times when they can’t cook and kids want delicious food, dumaan ka lang sa Chooks-to-Go, okay ka na.”

He also adds that this is his wife’s (Paulene Luna-Sotto) favorite; she calls it a “practical ulam” that’s also affordable and convenient for moms and housewives.

Endorsing is one and attesting is another thing; good thing Vic Sotto can do both and he’s become really good at it. For the Chooks-to-Go brand though, he is definitely attesting to how great-tasting and beneficial Chooks is for Pinoys.

During the actor’s launching as the new Chooks-to-Go endorser, BAVI president Ronald Ricaforte Mascarinas says “We are very excited to have Vic as our endorser because he really believes in the products he promotes. With ‘Chooks-to-Go’ and Bossing together, we have a great opportunity to support hardworking moms with a go-to-take-home ulam of choice that’s affordable, healthy and delicious.”


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