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A Look into Tekken 7 Asia Qualifiers – Philippine leg Winner AK’s Kid side

The title says it all, we had a chat with Tekken prodigy Alexandre Laverez, AK as everyone calls him and PBE.AK as his username, to get to know the young lad better. The team decided to give the him a bullet of choices to shorten the interview as we wanted to make him enjoy the event. Unbeknownst to all, AK has been a casual gaming buddy of mine. Well, we don’t really meet that often, but he always crushes me during sparring. He has been a vital part of the local Tekken community ever since, and at 16 years old, we just wish him the very best. He’s a nice kid, very polite. So damn polite he uses “po” when talking to me (dammit AK!) haha! Anyway, here’s what we asked the young lad during his quick interview


TrickyBaymax: Ironman or Batman?

AK: Ironman


TrickyBaymax: Dragon Ball or Ghost Fighter?

AK: Dragon Ball

TrickyBaymax: Nike or Vans?

AK: Nike


TrickyBaymax: Wonder Woman or Black Widow?

AK: Black Widow

TrickyBaymax: Apple or Samsung?

AK: Samsung


TrickyBaymax: Power Rangers or Kamen Rider?

AK: Power Rangers

TrickyBaymax: Jiu Jitsu or Karate?

AK: Karate

TrickyBaymax: J-pop or K-pop?

AK: K-pop


TrickyBaymax: Getsuga Tenshou or Rasengan?

AK: Getsuga Tenshou

TrickyBaymax: PS4 or Xbox One?


There you have 10 questions to get to now our teenage champ a little better. Special thanks to Richard Brojan of Playbook for gracing our interview with AK and ever being supportive to our ESports athletes! That’s about it guys, let’s root for AK on his upcoming bout against the best of the best this coming December for the Tekken 7 – Asia Qualifiers!

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