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ESGS 2016 Day 2 Highlights – Alodia Gosiengfiao, Just Dance, Cosplay and More

Live from ESGS 2016 here at the SMX Convention Center, we’re doing a short post on what we think was either cool, was fun, what was awe-inspiring and a whole lot more! We give you our ESGS 2016 Day 2 Highlight reel.


So there’s a ton of great stuff from Day 2 and its not late for you to enjoy the sights and sounds of ESGS 2016

VR Game Trials


ESGS welcomes, no, embraces Virtual Reality with several areas where visitos can try their hand at VR games. It’s refreshing to see that Pinoys too are embracing the technology. It also made me realize that EO Optical needs to subtly invest in VR games and activities because, you know….

Just Dance 2017


Ubisoft was present during the convention so you bet your ass there would be another round of Just Dance; this time Just Dance 2017. And unlike last year, they situated in the middle, for this year, they got a bigger spot to showcase Just Dance 2017 as well as upcoming game Watch Dogs 2.

Playstation and their new games

And unlike last year’s version where there was only one game, the Playstation booth had a lot more. Guests and congoers can either play Final Fantasy XV or even go and duke it out in NBA.

Beautiful Booth Babes

esgs janarah fox

Janarah Fox

Final Fantasy XV

Photo by Kevin Lacuata

Nothing can spell HYPE better than Square Enix’s upcoming game Final Fantasy XV with people already claiming that the game will be selling like hotcakes when it gets released worldwide. Looking at the art and the game alone, it looks like Square is definitely back on track.


If you’re looking to see some of your favorite video game characters come to life via cosplayers then ESGS 2016 is definitely the place to be in.

Koji Igarashi

If there’s truly one reason you need to drop that controller, book an Uber ride and get to the SMX convention center, it has to be to meet the iconic Castlevania  man himself Koji Igarashi. “Iga” has graced ESGS 2016’s hallowed floors to not only celebrate the Castlevania’s franchise but also to promote his new game.

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Alodia Gosiengfiao

Sadly, Alodia’s appearance for ESGS 2016 would be fore Saturday only as she’s part of the ambassadors for PLDT and PLDT’s Fibr brand. She shot a short video segment with Pathra Cadness…

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