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Infamous Iron Man # 1 Spoilers

We’re back with story time this week and today we’d like to focus on INFAMOUS IRON MAN # 1 spoilers. The book itself is out now and is written by Brian Michael Bendis with art from Alex Maleev and Matt Hollingsworth.


Bit of context, Doctor Doom became the “god” of Battleworld during Jonathan Hickman’s SECRET WARS, that was him and Doctor Strange’s way of saving the universe from the Beyonders. That book ended and realities were restored thanks to the FANTASTIC FOUR. As one final wish-you-luck to Doom, Reed and Franklin restores Doom’s face (something that was previously not possible). So when INVINCIBLE IRON MAN and INTERNATIONAL IRON MAN rolled in, Doom was pretty much a background character.


While the actual story isn’t done yet, the books spinning out of that event kinda reveal what’s happened to TONY STARK.

And now we get to INFAMOUS IRON MAN # 1 spoilers…

So we start with a flashback from back when Doom was in his armored, classic look. He’s in a meeting with the Cabal (this was during Dark Reign)….


Parker Robbins, who was at the time being possesed by a demon residing in the Hood, asks Doom if he’s already beaten a demon before. That and he also questions Doom’s existence. Why is he even doing the things he’s done.



Apparently Doom has some bit of mercy as he sends Parker to India rather than just kill him right there and then…

Flash forward to the present, where Diablo has kidnapped Maria Hill…


His goal? Churn out as much secrets from the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. as possible using a newly concocted “truth serum”.


Doom teleports outta nowhere and battles Diablo.


Doctor Doom aka the Infamous Iron Man zaps Diablo to end the fight


Doom’s second agenda is to help out former Stark flingĀ Amara, who got the short end of the stick when Stark ‘died’


He also tells her that he seriously wants to make up for all the past shit he’s done as the villain Doctor Doom, the crazy guy who wanted to defeat the Fantastic Four.

Doom then ports out before the arrival of a former member of the Fantastic Four and former member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Ben Grimm.


We later catch up with Doom as he looks on at the armors Tony Stark left behind after Civil War II


It’s revealed as the panels progressed that Stark made a copy of his brain and made a digital version of himself, much like how he did with his suit’s A.I. Friday.


So Doom recalibrates his armor, and officially begins his ‘Iron Man’ phase.


Somewhere else, a certain someone watches from the shadows together with Doom’s mother Cynthia von Doom. This could be the same demon that took her soul. Possibly. Lets see.

Oh and next issue’s cover features Thing and Iron Doom in a brawl, with Doom on the losing end.


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