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NYCC 2016: Sigourney Weaver as Main Villain for The Defenders, Rumored as Mephisto

How would you like the Netflix team The Defenders go head to head with a powerful (in some way) Sigourney Weaver? How about Sigourney Weaver as the female version of Mephisto?


Ignore that second question and lets backtrack to the first question, because it’s already announced that the “Alien” star and cultural icon will be the main villain for Marvel’s The Defenders. It was already stated during the Marvel & Netflix panel for NYCC 2016.

Weaver has even stated in one of her interviews prior to her official casting, that she:

“I have been watching, for whatever reason, some Marvel movies, and they cast really good actors.”

Perhaps as part of playing coy, Marvel never did announce who Weaver would be playing as it was done during the tail end portion and by the time the announcement was done, the panel was already over. This leaves us wondering, who she would be playing.

The strongest rumors swirling for the The Defenders project would have to be the demon Mephisto, which would be OK but it’ll start to deviate from the theme and tone that the prior three Netflix-Marvel projects have already set up (talking about Daredevil season 1 & 2, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage).

Iron Fist though can change all of that and it really is poised to do just that.This is the first time we’ll go mystical and could even have direct ties to Doctor Strange.

We did find a pretty interesting look that Weaver could wear when and if she gets cast Mephisto…


But personally, if they do Mephisto rather than something like The Hand, then they need to do something with these effects…

mephisto torturing invisible girl

Also don’t rule out a female Mephisto because this is a being that can shapeshift. We’ve seen him be an old man in the “Ghost Rider” movies starring Nicolas Cage so what’s to stop him from being a female for the appearance in Marvel’s The Defenders.

What do you guys think about the casting and potential to play the role of Mephisto? Leave a comment at the bottom and let’s discuss.

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