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First Look at LOGAN Villain, Donald Pierce

Well thanks to the LOGAN movie’s official Instagram page, @wponx, we now have a look at one of the many villains for the final Hugh Jackman movie as Wolverine and it’s none other than former Hellfire Club Member Donald Pierce.


The actor snapped in this shot isBoyd Holbrook. We don’t really see much for Holbrook but it does give us an idea that they won’t be using ANYTHING from the comic book version of Pierce.

Supporting the claim that this is indeed Donald Pierce is what’s written on the Instagram post. Which just mentions “Pierce”.

Check out the actual IG post below:


A photo posted by @wponx on

So a bit of background for the character. When he first appeared he was this really smarmy looking guy who almost killed Wolverine while wearing Hellfire Club mandated clothing.


He was later defeated by the X-Men and further humiliated when he was booted out of the Hellfire Club after the kings and queens discover a destabilization plot led by Pierce.

It was this time that he began upgrading his cybernetic limbs. This and finding other Hellfire Club members who have either been chopped up by Wolverine during their encounter or other individuals who harbor the same hatred for mutants, Pierce created the mutant-hating team known as the Reavers.


In fact, let me introduce you to these guys…


You’ll also notice that they have a deeply seated hatred for the X-Men, particularly for Wolverine. When they caught Logan and the X-Men during the team’s “Australian Outback days” they even crucified Logan.


While Pierce was later killed off completely by Cyclops, the Reavers continue to make an appearance in the X-Men books thanks to Mr. Sinister (who heads the Essex Foundation in the Movie-verse) and to the continued popularity of Logan; even his alternate Earth counterpart Old Man Logan.

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