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How to Play the Gemjump Game in Caliburger Timog (and how you can win $10,000)

Caliburger Philippines and Gemjump is currently doing a tournament for their Caliburger Timog branch. It’s for the Gemjump Global Gaming Tournament and its ongoing until October 9.

caliburger timog gemjump

That being said, we were excited here to cover the event, check out the place and more importantly try out the game in Caliburger Timog’s wall screen.


Only a fool would pass up the chance to get to play a rather cool game like GemJump AND get to try what they offer over at Caliburger. I’m certainly no fool so that’s exactly where I went one gloomy afternoon.

Upon getting there, had to pick the best spot and that would have to be in front of the wall screen, which looks like this:


The thing is, I noticed when I got there that the game has a potential to confuse gamers. Now its either I came to the store too early or it was really just a slow evening. (I later learned that I WAS indeed early).

So now, let’s talk about what you’ll need in order to play Gemjump AND possibly win the $10,000 USD:

1. Smartphone


For this outing, I used the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser


2. Wifi Connection


3. GemJump App


The Gemjump app is free to download for both the IOS and the Android. So download the game now or when you visit Caliburger (they have wi-fi there relax)

4. Wall code


So when you’re connected to the Internet, and is comfortably situated in the chair (preferably with a good view of the screen), all you have to do is load up the GemJump application.

In the main screen, just go and click on “Win $10,000 Play Now”…


You’ll then be asked for a code, which you WILL see in the screen.


It will connect to the game and it may take awhile so just be patient.


Secondly, don’t forget to wait for your rewards in-game. You’ll need it if you really want to win that $10,000.


Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy a damn good burger from Caliburger.

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