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Let’s Get Down to Business. Disney’s Mulan Live-Action Release Date Announced

Walt Disney Studios has announced a release date for the Mulan live-action movie and its closer than you think.


You read that right, Disney does plan to release a Mulan live-action movie although we barely have anything at the moment. No star, no director, no screenplay. Just a release date.

The current release date for the project is November 2nd, 2018.

That’s two more years of waiting. Good thing we’ve got other Disney projects coming between now and the next few years.

Plus, what the heck, it’ll be worth the wait to see this…

Or even better, Jackie Chan singing the same song in Cantonese…

Not holding my breathe in this last bit, but it would also be really great to hear Lea Salonga giving her voice to whoever Mulan would be.

Super last point, I am worried about the white washing of this film. I mean there’s always the risk of getting too many white talents in a film that’s hardcore Chinese (the Western Philippine Shore says ‘hi’ China). It’s a disease in Hollywood that has yet to be treated but Disney is currently in the right direction with the casting of Neel Sethi for The Jungle Book.

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