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TRENDING: The Zombies of Landers Superstore Philippines (and Tales of Hoarding)

Trending on Facebook today is the video of a buyers going crazy over shampoo. Which is why we dub them the Landers Philippines Zombies (because we want to be witty). Watch the video and find out about the story below:


Cess Barcenas writes:

Dear Landers Superstore, please make sure to regulate your sale items. One hour prior this chaos, a man just purchased 20boxes of this item: Palmolive dishwashing for Php20. If that was distributed properly this may be avoided. Thanks! #NotoHoarders #EqualityToAllMembers #WeAreAllMembers #Landers #LandersPH #LandersSuperstore #SuperSale

[fbvideo link=”https://www.facebook.com/cessmae/videos/10153807674290404/” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

So why are we even bothering to post about this? Because its not normal to have this type of “kuyog” on a product in a membership store like Landers Superstore. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen all I’m saying its the first time that this has actually gone viral.

Also people going cray cray over dishwashing liquids is bizarre. It’s almost kinda “zombie-like” . Still, different strokes for different folks. If they want that product, then by jove go for it.

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