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All the Beautiful Geek Stuff from STGCC 2016

Our very own Dirv De Venecia flew out of the country this weekend to cover the much-hyped Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention or STGCC 2016 and sent us back a lot of sweet looking exhibits and toys. Allow us to give you a look at the stuff present in that convention.



We’ve got tons of photos but we’re sharing some of the exhibits that’ll really make you go “wow”!


They’ve already previewed The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin for their SH Figuarts line but we haven’t really seen HHH up close till this time.

We also saw Pokemon SH Figuarts stuff in STGCC 2016…

stgcc-2016-coverage-thefanboyseo-20…. but the line is just currently limited to Pikachu and Charizard


Tons of new figures too including Gutz from Berserk, Kakashi from Naruto, Quiet from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and even the Hunter from Bloodborne.


Several new brands have also showcased their new stuff and some older toy brands are returning with new licenses.


Our first main feature for this mega-post, HOT TOYS


If I recall correctly, the special Knightmare Batman was also up for pre-order during APCC 2016. Or was that Deadshot? Too bad I missed that window.


They did a pretty good job of replicating the airport battle from Captain America: Civil War with the Hot Toys figures either out in the market or soon-to-be-released. That Giant Man too looks gorgeous.

Deadpool was also present in his one-sixth form as well as in the Deadpool cosbaby format. Either way, these looks like they were saying “buy us”.

stgcc-2016-coverage-thefanboyseo-39 stgcc-2016-coverage-thefanboyseo-38

We’re still not over BvS and neither is the one-sixth scale figure community.


Here’s a slideshow for everything Hot Toys in STGCC 2016.

Here’s our picks from the exhibit that either really made us go “ohhhhhhh” or statues that will make you automatically sell your arm because they look sooooo great.




They also have Kylo Ren (though I’m not sure if this is an XM product or something from Sideshow Collectibles)


And lastly since everybody’s still talking about THAT armor from Berserk…


Below is where we’ll dump all the other shots taken by Dirv during STGCC 2016:

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