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Doctor Octopus Begins his Road to Resurrection [Amazing Spider-Man # 18]

Story Time for today featuring Amazing Spider-Man # 18, part three of Before Dead No More by Dan Slott and RB Silva.


For this issue, we take a look at what’s been going on in the non-life of Doctor Octopus who is currently hiding in the shell of the Living Brain mech in Parker Industries.

We first take a flashback during Spider-Verse when Otto Octavius was soundly beaten by Peter Parker (who just got his body back at the end of Superior Spider-Man). The Spiders decide to let Superior go and bring him back to his timeline.

amazing-spider-man-2015-018-002What they didn’t know was that SpOck managed to put his A.I. as well as his brain pattern and memories in his armband to survive the return trip to the past, from before Parker takes his body back.

The plan works and the Anna A.I. reboots around the time Parker Industries was getting restored and the employees are working together side by side.


Ock’s original plan was to get back Parker’s body when he drops his guard just like how he managed to do the transference in the past.

But there’s a hitch.

He realizes that this Peter Parker heading the rehabilitation of Parker Industries has already beaten Octavius. He knows how to counter what Ock has planned and may even have some failsafes in place. So he decides to wait it out.


By latching onto the Living Brain he gets to see everything that is happening in the Parker Industries as well as begin his little sabotage. He’s successfully booted out Sanjani in a previous occasion. He’s also looking out for Anna Marie Marconi.


During his stay at P.I. he finds out that Anna has already met a new guy and started a relationship with him. So the Spidey villain decides to ruin everything for the lovebirds.



That’s right Amazing Spider-Man # 18 features Doc Ock drugging the current bf of his ex-girlfriend with the hopes of switching brains with him and taking over his life.


So while we think he’s going to kill to guy, he actually ends up giving him a job; albeit away from London and away from Anna.


Anna, all sad and mopey, opens up about her feelings on Living Brain. Her seeming attraction to Peter Parker and her disgust for Doctor Octopus. This doesn’t sit well for Ock who decides that he needs to get back to his former status quo of having Peter Parker’s body with his mind.


Living Brain sets up a meeting between Anna and Peter in New York and makes it where he is required to join. Realizing that they have been setup by the Brain, the two decide to fix Brain.


They talk about the apparent defeat of the Green Goblin, who was the last villain that appeared in the pages of Superior Spider-Man. Parker also talks about how Octavius conceded at the end of Superior which did not sit well with with ‘Brain.



When the dust settled, the Living Brain was destroyed with Doc Ock once again operating with the Superior gauntlet and more decided than ever to get a clone of Parker, which will tie in directly to whatever the hell Dan Slott has lined up in Dead No More.


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