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Harley’s Fangirl, Captain Boomerang’s Death and Zod [Suicide Squad # 2]

Story time today visits Suicide Squad # 2 featuring a possible new member who also happens to be a Harley Quinn fangirl, the possible “death” of Captain Boomerang and General Zod. Written by Rob Williams and art by Jim Lee from DC Comics.


This is the second issue of the DC Rebirth version of the Suicide Squad, which returns all the good elements from the pre-New 52 universe together with the modern day sensibilities of the New 52. Oh and they integrated elements from the Suicide Squad movie as well.

So in this issue, a new player is added in the form of NSA representative Harcourt, who reports to the Suicide Squad’s commanding officer Amanda Waller.


Oh and as for the team, they find themselves in grave danger with four of the seven-member team getting their water gear damaged while Rick Flagg, Captain Boomerang and Deadshot hitch a ride on a wayward rocket.


Not only does the trio ride a rocket aimed at the underwater base they need to infiltrate, Captain Boomerang even boomerangs the damn rocket, making an entrance for them.


They also think Rick Flagg died during the explosive entrance but they were dead wrong. So what happens to the other three members who were in this mission namely Harley Quinn, Killer Croc and Enchantress? Well, they got rescued by Katana who severed her underwater suit so she could go crazy with her katana.

They also make it to the base thanks to Killer Croc and his swimming skills.


Gotta love the “Alien”¬†reference. I’m sure James Cameron would be pleased.

With the infiltration going FUBAR, they decide to just wing it and they start by killing the guards stationed in the base. Actually it was just Harley and Katana who did most of the heavy lifting.


Harley wearing a shirt that says “Rebirth” is as meta as can be.


The Suicide Squad aka Task Force X finally reach their target, they find out that its actually a young metahuman girl who calls herself Hack.


Hack really resembles the Pre-New 52 Teen Titan Bumblebee. But maybe that’s just me. What made me smile here is how big a Harley fangirl she is. Too bad that’s not put into the issue but I hope she survives long enough to really go full fangirl on Harley Quinn, maybe even creep her out or annoy her.

Her powers are interesting as well. So I’m calling it now, she’ll be staying in the Squad or at least under Waller for a little while. Heck, since this is Suicide Squad, she may not even survive this mission.

Remember Slipknot from the original Ostrander Suicide Squad run?

So Hack ‘ports the Squad to the central area of the fortress and Croc ain’t too happy with the scramble…


When Rick Flagg hears the term, he immediately orders a retreat and goes all cray-cray about the situation they’re in.


Yeah, pretty much DC’s Rebirth verse has officially “killed” Captain Boomerang.


The gang looks stunned, heck even I was stunned thinking how things are going to play out now considering they lost Digger Harkness with the Phantom Zone involved.

What emerges from the Phantom Zone sphere isn’t too pleasant either.


God, so they not only lose Boomerang, they also have to deal with a mad Kryptonian named Zod (who isn’t Doomsday, good to know).

Suicide Squad # 2 is now out! Get yours from your favorite LCS.

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