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REVIEW: Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Thefanboyseo.com reviews the film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates starring Zac Efron, Adam DeVine, Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick.




This film is whack. It’s racy and noisy and fun. I love the fact that while we assumed that Zac Efron would be the boisterous of the two, its actually DeVine who takes the role and owns it. Efron is the voice of reason between the duo.

Adam Devine, who we last saw in Pitch Perfect 2, shines here Mike Stangle. The dude ugly cries, shows boners and acts like a huge man-child. And its always fun to see this guy put in situations that will make him cringe and look like a total dork.

Both Anna Kendrick and Aubrey Plaza look hot as hell in this picture. You know what, I never did consider Plaza as a hottie until this movie. But the cuter one here would be Kendrick. Speaking of Kendrick, you gotta love her earnest moments here in the movie. That was a fun dynamic but its pretty obvious that at some point in the movie they branch out and don’t reconnect till the third act.

The humor is, as I mentioned earlier, crass but not gross. Its there too but the distinction does not belong to the main stars of Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Without spoiling, lets just say “there’s no penetration” and you’ll need lots of “water to hydrate”.


Popculture references are also here in this picture. You’ll appreciate how dorky and geeky the characters Mike and Dave are if their not trying to make the best of their sister’s wedding.

I appreciate how the role reversal is here in this movie. Its “fresh” to have the women causing all the tomfoolery in an R-18 movie. And while the plot is shallow, the movie convinces you otherwise that you just have to enjoy and disregard the story.



There’s some nudity here and there in this movie so don’t be surprised. If you’re not a fan of nudity, then this might become an issue.

As I mentioned, there’s nary a plot here, other than these two party freaks bring in wild girls to Hawaii as their wedding dates. No cathartic or thought provoking moments but that’s definitely awesome. At least they still high scores for a good laugh.

If there’s anything that I can actually gripe about its the uneven pacing of the humor. One moment we’ve go a combo of LOL moments and the next we have duds. It’s hard to predict and it makes for awkward moments when seeing it in a cinema.



Special thanks to 20th Century Fox for the invites.

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