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Fan Creates Awesome Stranger Things Vinyl Figures

Stranger Things has gotten big over the past few weeks and for good reason. The show is reminiscent of the 80s and everything that was good about it. Toy designer Kibooki shares the same love for the Netflix show and as such created some great looking figures featuring the main characters.


We’re totally right on the money when we say that the numerous things about Stranger Things can convert even the most ardent hater. Plus its every 80s sci-fi movie only supremely done to the nth degree.

So now let’s talk about the products. They’re not for sale. If anything it feels like these figures are just prototypes. So it’ll be awhile before we even see anything Stranger Things in the market resembling a toy.



The great thing about these fan-made figures is that it captures everything good about the character. Like how Eleven (played by Millie Bobby Brown) has that “I’m-gonna-TK-you” plus the bloody nose. And we haven’t even talked about or shown you Demogorgon aka The Monster from Upside Down…


Man that looks oddly cute and terrifying at the same time.

If you’re wondering why these figures have this “Funko” feel, its because Kibooki actually works for Funko. He’s actually the guy we should be thanking for that other Funko toy line called “Vinyl Idolz” which has seen a rise in following. Now check out the other figures with the gallery below:

Be sure to check out more Kibooki’s stuff via EvilCorp TV and you can find it HERE, and buy your tickets to Asiapop Comic Con Manila 2016 to meet Eleven (details HERE)

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