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Gorgeous Korean Athletes that will make your Jaw Drop!

The Rio Olympics 2016 is about to end, and currently on the 5th spot is the land of K-pop itself, South Korea. Snagging 5 Gold medals, 2 Silvers, and 4 Bronzes, they have proven again that they are one of the countries to be watched out for not only in entertainment, but in sports as well.  Although we have to admit, some of these athletes are also femme fatal not only in their event, but also in looks! Let’s check out some of these Korean sports idols that has sent the world ablaze with their stunning beauty!


First up is Son Yeon Jae (May 28, 1994). Famously called Korea’s “Gymnastics Fairy”, she has without a doubt lived up to that name. With a total of  11 Golds, 3 Silvers, and 1 Bronze for the Asian Championships from 2013 to present, and that’s just for solo alone! This sweetheart also has a knack for dancing, as she has honored some Korean shows with her dancing skills, a notable one being SNSD’s very own Hoot. What’s her heart’s desire? She wants to eat pizza some time, as her athletic diet doesn’t allow her to do so.



Who could forget the Ice Queen herself Kim Yuna (September 5, 1990)? One of the most decorated athletes in South Korea, nailing 9 Golds, 6 Silvers, and 2 Bronzes in total for Figure Skating, this gorgeous athlete has been adored by the crowd ever since! Some say its her looks, some say its her skills. One thing’s for sure, she has “Frozen” written all over her body! She finally retired from the sports scene in 2014, and has since then been seen from time to time in the entertainment and modelling limelight.

And last but not the least, one of hottest athletes in the scene, Table Tennis’ very own Seo Hyo Won (May 10, 1987). Steadily growing as a powerhouse for her team, she instantly became a crowd favorite for her looks. She will have a match later at 9:00 PM today with her team against Romania.



Still not convinced? Did we mention that she posed as Maxim Korea’s cover girl? Yep, she DID!


This serves as a lesson, to ALWAYS watch out for females athletes. You never know when you’re about to spot a total hottie! Cheerio!

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