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Super Robot Wars OG The Moon Dwellers Review

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  1. O-(-'.'Q) says:

    Just since you mentioned it, I felt I would clarify something since it’s an old issue. See, waaaaaaaay back many years ago Atlus released OG1 and 2 on the GBA in English, and when doing so they got with Banpresto who were very keen on overseeing how everything’s names should be spelled. Some of the results that baffled people initially were Hagwane, Shirogwane, and Kurogwane, but these are actually the intentional romanizations from Banpresto themself. As they’re all capital ships, the creators wanted to follow the archaic “old” pronunciation for the names, and they romanized it this way intentionally, which is why they appear like this in all source materials that include the English names (including art books).

    By modern convention of course we wouldn’t normally use the ‘w’, but the way it is in game is the intended spellings from the developers themselves.

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