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Kopiko 78 – A Dose For the Geeky Lifestyle

Being a blogger, a working class bloke and an all-around geek can be tiresome. Usually, after one part of my life is done, that’s it. I just want to lie down and sleep. But that’s not always the case. I’m wearing different hats at any given time and I need to stay awake and alert and that’s where I’m thankful for Kopiko 78.

kopiko 78

Gaming and tech is an important part of my daily grind and I take these things very seriously. I just can’t sleep properly knowing that I could have done this or done that. It eats inside me and I end up missing sleep. Plus I need to play games for my reviews and streaming sessions, you’d hate to see me suddenly falling asleep while streaming a game right? Hey, no judging, a gamer gotta play.

When writing content or running my website’s fanpage, it’s also the same thing, I need to do some heavy lifting and lots of thinking. That’s where it becomes draining for the mind and the body as well. That’s when sleep becomes so enticing almost to the point where closing your eyes is a natural high on itself.

Then of course, there’s the adult side of me where I go to my work in a BPO office. You definitely CANNOT be seen sleeping or dozing off there. And it lessens productivity which could harm finances which in turn could harm the operation of the site and page.


No, sleep is not for the weak. Sleep is good and sleep is love. But it can throw you off course if you can’t reign your sleepiness in. Good thing there’s Kopiko 78. Now I can be a science man if I want but for this, there’s no science needed. All I need is experience and that’s what I have with the drink. A good dose will do wonders to be honest. Drink one bottle and I’m totally ready for the daily grind.

I’ve experienced going to work at 6am, having only 3 hours of sleep, then drinking Kopiko 78, drinking in the full effect; then finishing work and travelling to another part of the metro to cover an event. Didn’t feel drowsy or sleepy. Best part of it all? Its still coffee!

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