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Up, Up and Away for Tyler Hoechlin and Supergirl Finds it’s Lena Luthor

Apparently we are not done yet with the newly-minted TV Superman Tyler Hoechlin who will be joining the cast of Supergirl season 2 as we’ve got new photos of him springing into action.

tyler_hoechlin_superman_supergirl_season_2 (1)

And even better is the fact that it follows a sequence. Never mind how you feel about the actual casting of Tyler Hoechlin, just the fact that we’re seeing a Superman doing this classic scene.

tyler_hoechlin_superman_supergirl_season_2 (4)

tyler_hoechlin_superman_supergirl_season_2 (3)


tyler_hoechlin_superman_supergirl_season_2 (5)

tyler_hoechlin_superman_supergirl_season_2 (2)

Most of the readers for the site like the casting and Hoechlin’s look as the TV version of the Man of Steel. They agree that the Supergirl poster did a major disservice for the actor and the character. He does however really look like a non-buff version of Superman which is still fine in our opinion.

Meanwhile, CW also found it’s Lena Luthor for Supergirl season 2.


Lena is Lex Luthor’s younger sister. Somedays she plays a reluctant Superman ally but most of the time she’s pretty much the bad girl and mantle-taker for Lex Luthor. And as seen above, she also shot her brother during one of the more recent arcs from DC’s Justice League.

The actress that Supergirl production has found is none other than Jurassic World’s Katie McGrath!


If you don’t remember who she was in Jurassic World, she was Bryce Dallas Howard’s smarky British assistant who was tasked with looking after the two kids but did a lousy job. She also had one of the best death scenes in the movie, being picked up and injured by a pterodactyl and getting eaten whole by the movie’s new beastie, the Mosasaur.

TVLine shares:

Lena arrives in National City on the heels of brother Lex’s incarceration hoping for a fresh start. Lena has taken over as CEO of her family’s billion-dollar-tech company, Luthor Corp, which has been tarnished by Lex’s evil infamy. Her goal? To re-brand the empire as a force for good. Lena wants to be seen as her own person, separate from her brother. Kara is drawn into Lena’s sphere and must determine if she is friend or foe.

So where have we seen the actress aside from Jurassic World? She’s also appearing in TV shows like Dracula, Merlin, The Tudors, Slashers and will also be seen later in the year in Guy Richie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

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