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So a few weeks back, there has been this buzz about a certain website about celebrities being “geeks”, a colleague of mine reacting to this as many weren’t really into anything geeky and only a handful of those people are, and yet the said site has generalized them. This has indeed caused quite a stir, majority of which are fashionistas who were “HURT” by pointing out our side. I myself am shocked on how it went, Well, I believe it is a very timely opportunity as well to write this, just so our friends from the other side of life, have a quick glimpse of how the daily life of a GEEK goes by:

First off, how do I look? Ever seen a potato with glasses? That’s me.


I wake up every morning, seeing my self welcomed by these fellas.


For some people, they say “G’Morning” to these.


From YouTube user dfuzeNL’s mancave

Then I freshen up, give myself some body stretching, the usual do’s in the morning. Afterwards, I start up my desktop and claim my daily rewards for some of the games I play, Tekken 7 and Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle for example.


The morning regimen is now over and I’ll be moving on to whatever activity I do within the day. Before, I rush to my work place but since I’ve been laid off for a few months now, I do my usual write-ups and “work from home”.

So what do I do the whole of the day? I make reviews for comic series such as these, or going to a movie house to make a review about an upcoming blockbuster flick. 20160707_153834[1]

And then the day continues like this, it has already become a cycle for us. We wake up, we geek, we sleep. On special days though, especially when we go to events (in my case, sometimes I host the event), we go the extra mile. Endless selfies together with artists and famous people alike!


With Sony DJ Kazu


With Pugad Baboy’s (Pig’s Nest) creator, Pol Medina Jr.


A Wacky pic with Kei Shindachiya/Five Blue (L) and Ryosuke Kaizu/Red Mask (R)

We also love to take photography, FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY that is!


We’re also a bit OC in behavior when it comes to our beliefs, well not most of the times.  Like for example, you don’t tell geeks that Power Rangers and Super Sentai are a kids show and that they are the same. Some of them might chase you to the end of the world just for you to take back what you said. Or like the oldest question in the industry, “Who would win?” Blurt out Goku or Superman, it’ll cause massive damage! Believe me, I’ve been in one of those board wars, it wasn’t pretty.


And so after all the shenanigans that we do everyday, we rest. Mind you, we still do it GEEK style!


So to all of you geeks out there, be proud of what you are! Our kind is on the roll right now, might as well enjoy it! YOLO! Cheerio!


*credits to our various photo owners and to roundedrealist.com for the featured image

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